Learn more about our vision, mission, goals & objectives.

Levites Initiative for Freedom and Enlightenment is a non-government, nonprofit organization, founded in 2016, with the aim to educate, empower, and promote sexual reproductive health and religious rights of sexual minorities with a major focus on the LGBTI community.


Promoting sexual, social, economic, and religious rights of the Nigerian LGBTIQ persons while being aware of the need to enhance their human dignity and equality.


Sexuality and spirituality (faith and culture) in Nigeria are reconciled, irrespective of culture, belief, social status, sexual orientation, and gender identity.


Our major strategic objectives are education, skills development, and policy advocacy.

Our educational initiative cuts across human rights awareness, human sexuality education, sexual health empowerment, and spiritual development. As such we engage in grass-root capacity building through peer education, support group networks, and workshops.

Skills development:
Through this initiative, we develop talents in playing musical instruments and equally produce music through our community-owned digital music studio. In as much as the studio is open for hire and used by community members, we are currently using the medium to produce songs that advocate and promote equality, love, acceptance, and inclusion in Nigeria.

Policy advocacy:
Through this strategy, we represent, promote, defend and advocate for the religious inclusion, sexual reproductive health, and human rights of LGBTIQ persons through advocacy campaigns and round table discussions with stakeholders and state actors in Delta State.


As an organization, we maintain three core values which are;

Commitment, consistency, accountability, and transparency in our work, decisions, and conduct.

We believe that all human beings are equal in rights, status, and advantages irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, language, tribe, culture, disability, and belief.

We tend to learn from the diverse cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds of our community and globally.


  • Spirituality and Sexuality Reconciliation
  • Human Development and Community Empowerment
  • Advocacy Campaigns and Strategic Dialogues
  • Psychosocial support and Counseling
  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (Education and Care)
  • Safety and Security Awareness, Legal support for SGV, Safe House Management